Quantitative Research

Our extensive experience in online and offline quantitative research is backed up by our 1.8 million online panelists, our multilingual researchers, our network of recruiters, interviewers, and facilitators, and a wide selection of facility locations, including our own.

Some of the more common quantitative work we have conducted include:
  Online Research
  Web Shelf Studies
  Mobile Research
  ASP Surveys
  Online Recruiting
  Cenral Location Test (CLT)
  Home Use Test (HUT)
  Mystery Shopper

Example: Product Testing
Among other methodologies, we have in-depth capabilities throughout Japan when it comes to CLT and HUT studies.

Central Location Test(CLT)

CLT is effective in testing attitudes and evaluations toward a product and/or concept. From recruitment to fieldwork and onward up to analysis and reporting, Cross Marketing has all of the steps covered.

  • Pre-recruitment can be done through our online panel or through street-catch.
  • We have a national network of experienced supervisors who can assure the quality of the fieldwork.
  • Should a study cover multiple locations within Japan, we can execute the fieldwork simultaneously to cut down on the fieldwork duration.
CLT Organization Chart Category Experience
Food &
Chewing Gum Toiletries Cosmetics
Candy Bathing Products
Snacks Hair Wax
Other Sweets Hair Dye
Canned Coffee Hair / Shampoo Brushes
Regular Coffee Shampoo
Instant Coffee Conditioner
Alcoholic Beverages Other Toiletries
Jelly-Type Beverages Electronics Computers
Hot Beverages Mobile Phones
Instant Soup Other Electronics / Applicances
Ice Cream Others Fragrances
Salad Dressing
Energy Drink
Other Food & Beverages

Home Use Tests(HUT)

Compared to testing at a facility, HUT offers the respondents the opportunity to test a product in their natural environment - their homes. Similar to CLT studies, Cross Marketing has all of the steps covered.

Respondents can be pre-recruited through our extensive online panel and we can pre-screen each candidate to ensure that the exact target respondents are recruited.

Fieldwork Logistics
Cross Marketing will handle the storing, packing, and delivery of the test products to the respondents. We can also set up a helpdesk during the fieldwork to support any questions, requests, and/or needs of the respondents. Following the testing, we can also arrange to collect the tested products.

Follow-Up Survey
After the HUT period, we can arrange to follow-up with the respondents with an online survey. We will also award the incentives by mail or in the form of online points to those who complete the surveys.