Qualitative Research

Our passion goes beyond just recruiting the right respondents and facilitating a qualitative study - we pride ourselves on our awareness that each and every part of a study impacts the quality of the final output.

Fully Localized
Our local and multi-cultural / multi-lingual researchers have a keen understanding of the Japanese market and will ensure that your study and any output is in tune with the Japanese culture and environment.

Detailed Recruiting Capability
Whether it is through our online panel or through our vast network of recruiters, we can recruit the hard-to-reach targets.

Some of the common qualitative studies that we conduct include:
  Consumer Insight Studies
  Focus Groups (FGD)
  In-Depth Interviews (IDI)
  Eye Tracking
  In-Store Studies

Typical Flow: Offline Qualitative Study

  • Step 1: Proposal Creation of a study proposal that will reflect the intricacies of the Japanese market, including a breakdown of the cost and schedule to carry out the project.

  • Step 2: Recruitment Following confirmation of the exact respondent criteria, recruit from our online panel and/or through our network of recruiters.

  • Step 3: Fieldwork Preparation Create and finalize the discussion guide/interview flow, appoint a moderator(s) and support staff, arrange the facility, and reconfirm respondents' intention to participate.

  • Step 4: Fieldwork Execution Highly skilled moderators who are experienced in the field of study will probe deeply into the respondents' minds to gather the necessary insights.

  • Step 5: Analysis and Reporting With a clear understanding of the research objectives coupled with local knowledge, our researchers will analyze and report the findings in a clear and concise manner.