Online Research

Online Research
Offering "Quality First" online research services through our efficient and flexible capabilities is a fundamental part of our overall mission to exceed client expectations.

Panel Strength
With over 1.8 million segmented panelists, we have one of the largest online research panels in Japan. Through alliances with various online media partners, we are able to constanly grow our panel while offering detailed targeting capabilities.

Our proprietary system allows for a multitude of question types, including the implementation of images and videos that help to enhance the aesthetics of surveys and to make them more engaging for respondents.

Customized Surveys
We tailor the look and feel of each questionnaire to match the study design, and we can handle any survey no matter how complicated it is.

Our researchers support the design and creation of surveys, thoroughly manage the fieldwork, confirm the quality of the output, and can even process / analyze the resulting data. From start to when our client says we are finished, we will fully support the entire process.

Global Reach
Through our group company, Union Panels Pte. Ltd., and our global network of panel partners, we have access to over 30 million panelists around the world.

Quality Assurance
By offering all of the above and then some, we are constantly striving to offer the highest possible quality service and solutions to our clients.