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Online Research
Offering ""Quality First"" online research services through our efficient and flexible capabilities is a fundamental part of our overall mission to exceed our clients' expectations.

Quantitative Research
Our extensive experience in online and offline quantitative research is backed up by our 1.8 million online panelists, our multilingual researchers, our network of recruiters, interviewers, and facilitators, and a wide selection of facility locations, including our own.

Qualitative Research
Our passion goes beyond just recruiting the right respondents and facilitating a qualitative study - we pride ourselves on our awareness that each and every part of a study impacts the quality of the final output.

Behavior Research
Output from traditional research methodologies can be limited to the memory and perception of the respondent - At Cross Marketing, we can reach the subconscious mind through eye-tracking, GSR measurements, EEG measurements, and other methodologies.

Medical / Healthcare Research
To properly conduct medical / healthcare studies, knowledge in the related fields is a must. Our dedicated team with vast experience in the medical / healthcare fields utilizes our online panel and network of specialist recruiters to recruit the appropriate respondents and to deliver the required output.