Behavioral Research

Output from traditional research methodologies can be limited to the memory and perception of the respondent - At Cross Marketing, we can reach the subconscious mind through eye-tracking, GSR measurements, EEG measurements, and other methodologies.

Our behavior research techniques record and analyze real-time behavior as respondents are exposed to various stimuli such as in-store POP, television commercials, advertisements, and websites.

Some examples include shopper insight and viewer insight.

Shopper Insight

Japan is a mature market for almost all existing products and services out there. In such a highly competitive market, understanding and strengthening the link between consumers and products/brands can be a major challenge.

Whether the product is mature or brand new, studying consumer behaviour in a store environment will further reveal, first-hand, what leads consumers to buy specific items.

Through shopper insight studies, respondents' physical and psychological reactions to stimuli can be recorded, enabling us to understand the decision-making process that leads to a purchase.

At Cross Marketing, we offer Consumer View Tracker (CVT), a tool that will put researchers right in the shoes of respondents as they actually shop.

Consumer View Tracker (CVT)

Utilizing a goggle-type equipment that tracks what the wearer is looking at, CVT records respondents' behaviors in real-time and in a store environment, therefore allowing us to collect data based on actual shopping experiences.

Following the shopping experience, we can then interview the respondents regarding their experience to understand the "why" of their behavior while they were shopping.

CVT is therefore not limited to just understanding the decision-making process behind a purchase, but can also be utilized to enhance the layout of stores.

Consumer View Tracker

Viewer Insight

We can measure the effectiveness of various marketing material such as websites, print ads, and television commercials using viewer insight techniques.

Cross Marketing offers our eye tracking technology (Fixed View Tracker, or FVT) to test visual marketing materials, including websites, as well as our Emotional Response Tracker (ERT) technology. By combining the two, we can further analyze the effectiveness of websites and other types of marketing communication vehicles.

Fixed View Tracker (FVT)

FVT is a monitor-type eye tracking system that precisely records what the respondent is looking at. This tool can be used to evaluate various marketing material, including print ads, television commercials, and websites.

Fixed View Tracker

Emotional Response Tracker (ERT)

Another tool at our disposal is Emotional Response Tracker (ERT), whereby we utilize Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to record a person's emotional arousal level when exposed to stimuli, including various sales and marketing material.

This tool is useful, for example, in testing the effectiveness of television commercials, which tend to be viewed more passively than other forms of advertising, and is even more effective when combining ERT with FVT. When using FVT in unison with ERT, we can decipher the exact element of a televesion commercial that is causing an emotional response.