Cross Marketing Group Inc., the holding company of Cross Marketing Inc., is committed to delivering to you the marketing intelligence that you require to make the best possible decisions.

As the pioneer in the online marketing research field in Japan, our extensive background allows us to offer more flexible and integrated research approaches to understand consumers around the world.

With our global network of group companies to support your marketing and business decisions, we remain committed to being the best marketing solution partner for you.

Cross Marketing Inc.

Pioneers in online research with full service marketing research capabilities spanning both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Research and Development, Inc.

Approaching 50 years since its establishment, R&D continues to develop and offer original services that are unique in the marketing research industry.

UTIL Inc. (JPN Only)

Specialists in Shopper Marketing, UTIL offers services to increase sales through store, shelf, and sales floor reorganization.

Envirosell Japan Inc. (JPN Only)

Envirosell Japan answers the question to "Why products sell or don't sell?" by analysing shopper behavior.

Kadence International Business Research Pte. Ltd.

A Global Insight Agency that conducts insight assignments which span the entire marketing life cycle.

Markelytics Solutions India Pte. Ltd.

A leading global market research agency providing end-to-end research solutions to clients around the world.

Medical World Panel

Provider of insights from Physicians, Specialists, Healthcare Practitioners, Patients, and other key stakeholders in the Healthcare industry.

Cross Marketing China Inc.

Offering market research services, web services, and software development for the Chinese market

Cross Marketing Asia Pte. Ltd.

Covering the full spectrum of marketing research services with a focus on the South East Asian market.

Cross Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Supporting the full range of marketing services in Thailand and the surrounding areas.

Jupiter MR solutions Co.,Ltd.

Headquartered in Bangkok with marketing offices in Singapore and India, Jupiter is the research hub to the Asian markets.

Cross Communication Inc. (JPN Only)

IT specialists engaged in the planning, development, and operations of mobile and smartphone website, system, and applications.


Developers of "USERDIVE," UNCOVER TRUTH consists of experts in Web and Mobile Marketing, UI/UX Consulting, and mobile web development